December 16, 2013

Estimating Insulin Sensitivity in T1D


insulin-sensitivityThe hit or miss of insulin sensitivity is not okay when it comes to calculating doses in T1D. You must get it right and the margin of err must be slim or nonexistent. A new study in Diabetes Care may have a way that decreases the liability an increases the precision in estimating insulin sensitivity for people with T1D.

Researchers wanted to develop a new index of insulin sensitivity for people with T1D. The used the formula based on data gathered from a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and recorded insulin delivery data. All 12 people in the study had T1D and were observed during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The participants wore both an insulin pump and CGM. Blood samples were drawn for the measurement of glucose and insulin concentrations in order to estimate insulin sensitivity with the oral minimal model.

The new index of insulin sensitivity was calculated with a simple algebraic formula, for each meal, using only CGM and insulin pump data. It’s funny how the most complex problems can be solved with a few simple numbers.

The insulin pump dosing with CGM proves to be a fairly good way to estimate the insulin sensitivity in people with T1D. Doctors can use all the help in optimizing insulin therapy in  T1D and could also inform the next generation closed-loop control systems.

Consider this study the guiding moonlight over the sea in darkness. Calculate your insulin sensitivity, close the loop, and may the force be with you.

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