October 9, 2013

Exercise to Lose Fat in T2D Livers


exerciseIn people with T2D, fatty livers are one of those characteristics up there with obesity. According to a study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology,  exercise may help reduce the ailment of a fatty liver in people with T2D.

Ectopic fat accumulation or fat in abnormal places, is a dubious distinction of people with T2D, especially in the liver. This uncharacteristic placement is linked to increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Good news on the fat accumulation front. The effects of exercise on fat have proven to be helpful in visual fat loss but can it be as effective on fatty organs?

More good news from the gym. Apparently results from these studies indicate that exercise training, independent of dietary modifications, may reduce the fat content of fatty livers. Combined with the dietary interventions, exercise may be the sauce needed to help kickstart banishment of fatty liver disease.

Furthermore, it is shown that both aerobic and resistance exercise may reduce fat in people with T2D. Although researchers are calling for further investigation, it seems unintuitive to procrastinate walking today if it means a less fatty liver tomorrow.

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