February 26, 2013

Family Matters on T1D Control in Younger People


family-stressThe T1D kids are all right as long as you keep the family stress to a minimum.

In the current issue of Canadian Family Physician, an article  addresses the effect family-induced stress can have on glycemic control in young people with T1D diabetes.

The patients were younger than 18 years old.Researchers compiled data from studies published in PubMed since 1990. All studies were qualified with the keywords: diabetes type 1, glycemic control, family stress, family conflict, and family function.

In most studies family stress was negatively correlated with glycemic control. Family function was strongly related to glycemic control, while family conflict was adversely associated with glycemic control.

Families of low socioeconomic status were more prone to diabetes-related stress and thus more likely to have worse glycemic control.

Life with diabetes isn’t a walk in the park. It’s even more challenging when money is tight.

The findings of study suggest that psychological intervention and educational programs can help alleviate family diabetes-related stress.

Let’s assume your health insurance doesn’t cough up the funds for counseling for family-stress. No worries. You already have the tools you need for a quick stress-relief. Breathe to the count of 8.

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