March 11, 2013

Filter Blood Glucose in T2D


water-filter_T2DNew research is testing a mechanism of glucose control that does not rely on insulin delivery or insulin absorption to see if it will aid the 50% of people that never reach glucose nirvana with conventional treatments.

This type of medicine plays an important role in the kidney. The drug works on the sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2).  SGLT2 inhibitors are responsible for the balance of sodium and glucose. Once the sugar is “filtered”, the blood is reabsorbed by the kidney.

SGLT2 inhibitors reduce excess sugar in the blood by flushing it into the urine In January 2013 the FDA gave the green light to Invokana, an SGLT2 drug made by Johnson & Johnson

So far, the data for Invokana has shown that the drug can lower blood glucose and aid weight loss. After all, when you’re flushing excess calories, rather than storing them, it’s inevitable. One can’t help but be cautious about the toll it takes on the organic cheesecloth we know as our kidneys.

Upon review of the application for the drug, the FDA panel expressed concerns about the use and safety of this drug in people who have kidney disease.

The SGLT2 mechanism of action is like filtering water. Kidneys are made to filter excess toxins from the body. If the sugar you consume is becoming toxic to be body — wouldn’t it be wiser to reduce the consumption rather than putting pressure on your kidney workload?

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