December 27, 2013

Flaw in Recent Study on Sucralose


waterA study published in Diabetes Care  shows that sucralose has no impact on gastric emptying, compared to a glass of water. The abstract explains that the aim of this study was to disprove former studies that found artificial sweeteners do not  affect the body.

First off, the conclusion of this study states that sucralose and AceK, either alone or in combination, have no acute effect on gastric emptying, GLP-1, or glycemic responses after oral glucose in healthy humans.

This is not a fair comparison to the former studie that found sucralose stimulates a change in insulin response. This response caused a greater increase in circulating insulin and a greater decrease in blood glucose. Doing the math, this invariably increases stored fat in the body, which means these healthy people are not hypoglycemic.

The aforementioned article was also published in Diabetes Care  and did not mention the gastric emptying. W\hen it comes to insulin response, fat storage, and artificial sweeteners, diabetes is a keyword. Most importantly, if a study is published in Diabetes Care, shouldn’t it be about diabetes?

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