January 8, 2014

Growing Pains in T1D


growing-painsCan T1D be a factor in development for young kids? Researchers wanted to know the extent to which T1D compromises growth in kids. The results were published in Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism.

On average, kids with diabetes were shorter and lighter  than the kids who didn’t have diabetes.Kids who were on the intensive and conventional insulin regimes were evaluated in the study. Children on both insulin regimes were shorter than kids who didn’t have diabetes.

The average height of kids who were diagnosed before 3 years of age was less than those who were diagnosed after 14 years of age, comparable to healthy kids.

Insulin is like the fuel in your tank. If you’re always fueled, you will grow like a weed. If you have T1D, and your need to synthetically fuel your tank, you may be under the  growth curve.

Perhaps we are less prone to growing pains with T1D? Speaking of, does anybody remember when Leonardo Dicaprio was on Growing Pains? Now he’s starring The Wolf of Wall Street. It got great reviews.

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