February 3, 2014

Guilty by Association of T2D


marriedJust because love is in the air and diabetes is in your house, it doesn’t mean that you have to become a statistic. According to new research, about 25% of spouses of people with T2D will likely develop the disuse, too. This research was published in BMJ Medicine.

Diabetes is absolutely not contagious, right? Well, autoimmune or T1D is one thing but researchers are saying that the insulin resistant form of diabetes or T2D may be a horse of a different color.

The study evaluated married couples who either the husband or wife has T2D. Obviously the married couples are unrelated and therefore shouldn’t have the same genetic risk for developing T2D, right?

The researchers suggest that a spousal history of T2D is associated with a 26% diabetes risk increase. The saying my house is your house may be a good indication of why there is a high incidence between spouses of people with T2D getting the disease, as well. Keep it clean and keep the temple healthy.

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