October 30, 2013

Gut Microbia in Obese Kids


fat-kidsApparently overweight kids have an elevated level of a gut microbia, compared to healthy weight kids. This overactive gut microbia is described in a study published in  Nutrition & Diabetes.

These specific gut microbiota identified in overweight kids makes it nearly impossible to have a healthy metabolism. Eventually, adults who were overweight kids are more prone to intestinal disease and adulthood obesity. .

Fecal samples were taken from kids, overweight and healthy weight,  between the ages of 8-14 years old. There were no significant difference found between healthy and overweight kids fecal samples in a naked eye assessment.

However, using a lab testing device, it revealed a high degree of both intra- and intergroup variation. Intergroup comparison of microbes failed to identify any distinct types of gut microbia from healthy to overweight kids.

In another assessment, overweight kids had significantly more short chain fatty acids in their fecal samples, compared to healthy weight kids. These same overweight kids had significantly lower concentrations of intermediate metabolites.

Considering this information, it looks like an overpopulation of gut microbes make for an unhealthy metabolism. If the population is kept in-line, the exhaust of these intestinal freeloaders is good but if it’s bad, the metabolism gets thrown-off balance.

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