October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Anitabh!!


Ordinarily birthday presents and diabetes have little to do with one another. But for Anitabh Bachchan, Ballywood legend, they are one in the same. What does that mean? Amitabh’s going to receive a mobile diabetes unit for his 70th birthday tomorrow.

It’s actually a pretty thoughtful gift from the British Deputy High Commissioner at the Seven Hills Hospital in Mumbai, India. This gift means that Mumbai, for the first time, will have a mobile diabetes unit. The intrinsic value in this gift would be the name of this unit. In honor of Bachchan’s work raising diabetes awareness throughout India, the mobile unit will be named ‘Amitabh’.

The mobile diabetes unit will offer free diabetes testing to the city’s most disadntaged. The meaning behind this gift is apropos considering the charity donating the mobile diabetes unit is Silver Star Appeal, a charity campaigning for diabetes awareness. Anitabh is the charity’s international patron.

Keith Vaz MP, Founder Patron of Silver Star said, “Today we honour Amitabh Bachchan on his 70th birthday for the work he has done for so many worthwhile causes throughout the world. The people of Britain wanted to give him a gift that was unique yet useful. This unit will help combat the spread of diabetes in his beloved city of Mumbai.”

What do you give an acclaimed actor who likely has all that and a bag of chips? No sir, you don’t give him an IMDB page. He already has one. You give him a smile knowing that he is a memento of something that will save lives and limbs from diabetes.

Happy Birthday, Anitabh!!

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