January 7, 2014

Heartbreaking Letter of Apology


apologyI have no words for this though-provocative, sincere, and touching letter written from the daughter of a mother with diabetes. Diabetes Health published the letter that was written to one person but resonates with millions of people in the world.

The words Shela Killian has for her mom transcend what anybody could ever expect from a person who doesn’t have diabetes. The most compelling message in Shela’s letter is her understanding and compassion for her mom. Her mom has lived with diabetes since she was a child.

Malfunctioning insulin pumps, honking CGM alerts, nightmarish low sugars, frustrating high sugars, and a laundry list of DEFCON1 situations diabetes can impose, take-away from mothering duties. As difficult as it was for Shela to experience as a child, she now reflects on the remarkable effort her mom put forth.

The fact she wrote this letter as her first publication in Diabetes Health makes me want to follow her in days to come. This letter epitomizes what it takes to process life with diabetes.  I look forward to more writing from Shela Killian. Happy and healthy 2014 to everybody.

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