December 17, 2013

Heat Shock May Protect Against Insulin Resistance


heat-shockSounds a bit scary but embrace the insanity and learn how heat shock may play a role in lessening insulin resistance. The results of this heated study were published in Diabetes.

Researchers have found that insulin resistance is brought on by endothelial dysfunction. This biological crime is pegged on the disruption of vascular HSP72 expression.  HSP72 is thought to protect cells against cellular stress

Diabetes can do a number on the vessels in the body. Many of the complications are the result of stress affecting the endothelial cells. A protective mechanism in the body from something like heat stroke is the expression of HSP72.

In this study, mice were fed a high fat diet and had stressed endothelial cells and decreased expression of HSP72.This lack of HSP72 expression leaves all living cells vulnerable to damages caused by cellular stress.

HSP72 is a novel approach to prevent insulin resistance induced vascular complications. Egyptian symbols for protection are clearly identifiable. HSP72 isn’t celebrated on a chain or a t-shirt but perhaps someday it will be.

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