May 14, 2013

Herbal Therapies for T2D


herbalType 2 diabetes affects an astronomical number of people worldwide. Current treatments for the disease are expensive, at times ineffective, and pose undesirable side effects. A new study published in Evidence Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine investigates the possible use of herbal treatments for T2D.

Pharmaceutical companies come at the T2D customer with the latest and greatest drug, every 2 years. Can something already available in nature prove to be as good or better than what the FDA has to offer?

Nature is an extraordinary source of remedies to mitigate excess glucose in the blood. Apparently more than 1,200 flowering plants have been claimed to have antidiabetic properties. Among them, one-third have been scientifically studied and documented in around 460 publications.

Specifically, what are some blood glucose-lowering medicinal herbs that have the ability to aid in the blood glucose control of T2D? To know what herbs may work, we need to know which ones can miitigate insulin resistance, stimulate beta cell function, regulate GLP-1, and enhance glucose absorption.

Although there were over 40 herbal treatments and extracts reviewed in this study, some of the most effective and accessible are: coffee, resveritrol, aloe vera, ginger, and mate tea. The options are generally available, inexpensive, and effective.

When it comes to treating T2D, it’s a disease you live with everyday of your life. You need to eat to live. Why not find a way to eat to live a healthy life with T2D?

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