October 9, 2012

iPhone or iPod Touch is now capable of being your Glucose Meter


If anybody is an Apple fanboy (or girl) with diabetes – this is a day of crowning achievement!  The glucose meter to fit your everyday life is here. Thanks to the powers that be over at Apple and the people at Sanofi Diabetes, the iBGStar  is your access pass to bG nirvana.

This simple device will streamline the complexities of glucose management. It’s the size of half a cheese stick, if that’s any reference to a low-carb lifestyle. The innovative iBGStar is the first blood glucose meter that can be used on its own or connected directly to an Apple iPhone or iPod touch to easily display, manage and communicate your diabetes information. As with all meters on the market – the iBGStar meets industry standards for accuracy.

If you’re like many of the people plugged-in to Apple, your iPhone or iPod touch is not far behind. Leaving your meter behind is far more likely than leaving any of these life important devices. How will you check Facebook?!? The point here is iBGStar allows you to manage your diabetes bG affairs anytime, anywhere.

Addicted to Apps? Here’s an app that’s good for your health – literally. iBGStar will automatically sync data with the iBGStar Diabetes Manager when connected with your iPhone or iPod touch. The app tracks glucose, insulin and carbs — and charts individualized glucose patterns over time.

As with many modernized log book techniques, the iBGStar enables your data to be emailed or shown to your healthcare team during your visit for greater flexibility in managing your diabetes together. This is one of the biggest headaches for my doc when I show up to his office with my Omnipod PDM. The Medtronic folks did their homework on friendly sharing at your doctor’s office. Omnipod? Not so much. Leave it to Apple, the kingpin of user-friendly, to ace the art.

What better way to demonstrate the ease and ability of this device than a few iBGStar videos? The videos will give you a device tutorial and an app tutorial. After all, you want to know how the device works and how it works for you – right?

If you’re able to contain your excitement for a minute (I know, it’s tough) speak with your doctor and get a prescription, first. It’ll help with that insurance coverage thing that plagues us all for test strips. To be specific with the prescription, your doctor will have to prescribe the iBGStar Blood Glucose Monitoring System and BGStar Blood Glucose Test Strips.

To help with the co-pay for BGStar Test Strips, register with Star Savings co-pay program. This will help you pay no more than $20* for BGStar Test Strips. That little asterisk denotes that certain restrictions apply.  Of course they do.

Exhale. Here’s the free part. Once you’ve gotten yourself the cool kid diabetes management system, register your device so you can receive 10 free BGStar Test Strips. You can also sign up for e-mail updates about iBGStar and free refill reminders!

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