November 6, 2013

iQuidkIt Saliva Analyzer


iquickitAs seen on IndieGoGo, Quick LLC is revolutionizing the way people test their glucose levels with a non-invasive device that measures the saliva. When this device is available, this will be the way you canĀ  get a read on your glucose without shedding blood.

Scott Fox is the president and CEO of Quick LLC. Two doctors developed this device and demonstrated it for William Pettit, medical director of the Joslin Diabetes Center at the Hospital of Central Connecticut.

The way to measure glucose with iQuickIt is simply by using a saliva specimen. Forgo the pain of pricking for blood and spit on a test strip, literally.

iQuickIt is giving people the ability to put their money where their mouth is. Quite literally, the campaign aims to raise $100,000 for the clinical testing needed to get the device FDA approved and in the mouths of consumers.

Saliva has a very high and real-time correlation to blood. Not unlike the parallels seen between continuous glucose monitors and blood sugar, saliva and interstitial fluid are fluids that surround the blood supply.

As with the beauty of the cloud, iQuickIt connects to smartphones to relay glucose results to parents and other people keeping watch over glucose results.

So can the iQuickIt hold water in the venture of accurately measuring blood glucose? According to a study published in Diabetes & Metabolism, it’s definitely got legs.

If all goes well with the fundraising efforts in the next 2 months, within 2 years people may be able to spit it to iQuickIt to check glucose levels.

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