March 27, 2013

Is a Big Breakfast or Big Dinner Better?


take-homeHave you ever wondered when is the best time of day to eat a bigger meal if you’re trying to maintain or lose weight? Well, this study reveals the answer to that question.

The study took place over 12 weeks. Obese and overweight women ate a 1,400 calorie diet. Both groups ate 3 meals a day. One group ate the biggest meal at breakfast. The other group ate the biggest meal at dinner. The bigger meals were 700 calories.

Both groups ate lunches with 500 calories. The group that ate the bigger breakfast had a smaller dinner. The group that ate the bigger dinner ate a smaller breakfast. The smaller meal was 200 calories.

The bigger breakfast group showed greater weight loss and waist circumference reduction than the bigger dinner group. Fasting glucose, insulin and insulin resistance decreased significantly in this group, as well.

Triglyceride levels decreased by 33.6% in bigger breakfast group, but increased by 14.6% in the bigger dinner group.  The bigger breakfast group also exhibited a decrease in glucose and insulin requirements.

The take-home from this study says that you should take-home most of your dinner. Eating half of your daily caloric intake at breakfast, and gradually tapering your caloric intake throughout the day improves everything metabolically.

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