December 20, 2012

Is “Teen Mom 3” having Diabetes Complications?


teen-mom3The popular MTV show “Teen Mom” has just announced the cast of the upcoming season. The reality show may be proving just how real life can be with Type 1 diabetes.

The upcoming season “Teen Mom 3” has a mom with Type 1 diabetes that may be having complications. Although this article may be an alarmist way to bring attention to the trials and tribulations of life with T1D, hopefully this is nothing but a false alarm.

The girl of the hour is Mackenzie Doubthit. She appeared on another series in the MTV lineup, “16 & Pregnant“, where she gave birth to a  healthy 10 pound baby boy.

The reason fans are buzzing that something may be wrong with Mackenzie and her diabetes is due to a recent tweet she made. The gist of her Tweet was that she’s finally going to see a diabetes doctor and she hopes they figure out what is wrong with her. A heated Twitter discussion follows

MTV is no stranger to showcasing the struggles diabetes can impose. In another MTV reality series, “True Life: I have Diabetes“, the unscripted challenges are documented. Aside from complications of the disease, this episode explores healthcare costs, lifestyle in college, family stress, and things non-diabetics take for granted. I applaud MTV for telling the tales of the true life with diabetes. You can’t make this stuff up.

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