March 20, 2013

Is there an Association between Gallstones and T1D?


gallstonesGallstones are global, like Type 1 diabetes. The origination of this report is from the Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology. The findings are universally relevant for children with T1D and the potential for gallstones.

People with T2D have more gallstone problems than people in the general population. However does this apply to children with T1D?

Many gallstones are byproducts of digestive disruptions. Researchers wanted to see if there is a significant association with T1D and T2D and the  occurrence of gallstones.

The study evaluated 105 children diagnosed with T1D in a diabetic clinic. The study took place for 1 year. All  patients were given physical exams, blood tests, and an ultrasound of the gallbladder.

Data from this study does not show any association between T1D in children and gallstone formation.

Gallstones are clusters of cholesterol that accumulate in the gallbladder. A person with T2D may be a better host for this type of environment than a child with T1D. However, the  duration of the aforementioned study was 1 year and the duration of T1D was less than 8 years.

Is there an association between gallstones and T1D? Women who are pregnant, obese, or in their 40s are more likely to develop gallstones than children with T1D.

Gallstones are not pretty. The choice to use a picture of a pomegranate is more pleasant and portrays how gallstones cluster in the gallbladder, even if there is no cholesterol anywhere in the fruit.  

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