February 14, 2014

Kiss-A-Pig for Diabetes


kiss-a-pigAre you flying solo this Valentine’s Day? Kiss-A-Pig for diabetes awareness! The American Diabetes Association is hosting the Annual Kiss-a-Pig Gala for diabetes awareness and fundraising. There’s no shame in an innocent smooch for charity, right?

The celebration was initially developed to raise awareness of the first source of insulin, the pig. Throughout the years, this spirited festival has both taught people a little bit about diabetes history while people made some history of their own.

The annual campaign is a fun-loving way to raise money for the good fight against diabetes. At the end of the three-month campaign, the team with the most money kisses a live  pig, honored by the American Diabetes Association. I’ll definitely be reconsidering plans for future Valentine’s Day if this is as fun as it sounds

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