January 27, 2014

Label, label on the Box


nutrition-labelI am a creature of habit. The recent news of change to the beloved food label is unsettling to me. Word is the FDA is applying a face-lift to nutrition panel.

As a person with diabetes who counts on carbs to dose insulin, it’s imperative that carbohydrates be included in the updated food labels. For good measure, I hope it includes dietary fiber and fat, as well. Both of those elements can affect insulin dosing. All things considered, the Obama family seems to care a lot about nutrition and so this leads me to believe that the new and improved nutrition labels will be just that – new and improved.

The date of debut for the new nutrition paneling is yet to be announced. Word is that it’s  designed to make eating healthier easier for people. “Eating healthier” means counting calories for most people. Therefore the new nutrition paneling will highlight calories. I just hope it still contains the carbohydrates in each serving for insulin dosing sake.

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