October 29, 2013

Learn and Earn with Diabetes


earn-learnHow often does having diabetes  earn you anything? The expenses of diabetes far outweigh the profits. LifeScan is changing minds, one person at a time with HealthyOutcomes.com.

Healthy Outcomes is an incentive-based diabetes education website.  People can earn points for looking through educational modules, monitoring their blood sugars, and participating in surveys and other behaviors that can lead to better health outcomes. Participants can then redeem their points for a variety of health-related products.

A man who knows the value of a dollar is the mastermind behind HealthyOutcomes.com. David Klif is the founder of the publication Diabetic Investor, as well as the developer of  HealthyOutcomes.com.

HealthyOutcomes.com has enstated the new “Reaching Target” program, which emphasizes the importance of blood glucose testing by allowing patients to earn points for testing regularly. This program is perfectly aligned with LifeScan, maker of OneTouch meters.

The program then helps people understand what their blood sugar results mean, and gives them suggestions about keeping their levels within a healthy range.  To earn points for testing, program participants test their blood glucose using a OneTouch Verio IQ Meter and upload their results to HealthyOutcomes.com using OneTouch Diabetes Management Software. There meter and the software are free to qualifying participants.

Life with diabetes is a hassle. Turn the hassle of life with diabetes into a performance driven job. LifeScan and David Kliff have reinvented the hassle of life with diabetes into the ultimate hustle, for which you get paid. Live healthy and prosper.

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