February 24, 2014

Less Stress, Better Diabetes Control


stressIn a long-term study, researchers found that the less stress a person has in their diabetes management, the better the outcome for glycemic control. The study was published in Diabetes Care

The protocol for diabetes control is a little bit diet, a little bit exercises, a little bit medication (for some), a lot of discipline. Researchers wanted to see how the end result of HbA1c is influenced when the RD or regimen distress is varied.

Obviously distress in any circumstance isn’t the best thing. So when we speak of the regimen for diabetes control, it’s a powerful indicator. More stress equates to poorer control. In this study, researchers were able to identify the mitigating factors for alleviating RD.

Greater RD was associated with participants who had poorer medication adherence. In turn, this was found to result in a higher HbA1c. For those who were more compliant with their medications and  physical activity, those participants had better HbA1c.

Nobody should ever try to sell you on the idea that diabetes management is a cake walk. On the contrary, it’s discipline in diet, exercise, and medication. But at the end of the day, if you stick to the guidelines, the rest of your life should fall in-line with less regimen distress.

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