May 29, 2013

Link between PTSD and T2D


PTSDPosttraumatic stress disorder is significantly associated with the development of T2D. A study published in Journal of Psychosomatic Research explains why this occurs and what can be done to prevent further impact on the toll of diabetes diagnosis.

PTSD is a prolonged stress response syndrome whose symptoms develop in the aftermath of extremely stressful life events. The stresses from mental illnesses and the correlation to diabetes has already been under discussion for many years. Now researchers are able to provide the first proof of a significant association between the two illnesses.

In this study, 50 participants who suffered from PTSD, and an additional 261 who displayed symptoms of partial PTSD, were evaluated. The study also included 498 participants who suffered from T2D and 333 who displayed signs of prediabetes..

The evaluation showed a significant association between T2D and PTSD. Prediabetes was not associated with psychological stress.

Researchers believe that the chronic stress that PTSD permanently inflicts leads to changes in the hormonal response patterns. This negatively affects the metabolism, as well as glucose utilization.

In the face of this study, researchers can work toward more efficiently diagnosing, treating, and preventing PTSD from becoming T2D. First things first, how do we curtail the number of PTSD provoking events in life?

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