October 31, 2013

Loss of Metabolic Control in T1D


controlThere’s no way of sugar coating it, getting older impairs the body. This is especially meaningful in people with T1D. A study published in Diabetes Research & Clinical Metabolism explains how this affects people who have T1D, with a vengeance.

Besides age and bodyweight, what causes the impairment of glycemic control in people with T1D? That was the aim of this study. Throughout this 4 year study, 741 people with T1D were followed to gather the determining factors in this equation.

Glycemic control is a term used to describe the glucose levels of a person with diabetes. The determining criteria for this study grouped participants by age and found that people who had worse glycemic control were younger and less educated, compared to those with better glycemic control.

Of note, the baseline HbA1c levels also played into overall glycemic control. For younger people who are less educated with T1D, the good news is your neighborhood (urban or rural), number of visits to the researchers in the study, gender, family history, duration of diabetes, style of self-monitoring, or BMI didn’t matter.

We all age, that’s a given coordinate that cannot change. In a lot of ways, we lose control of things we cannot control even with the most advanced universal remote. But if your level of schooling plays a great deal in the outcome of your glucose control, school yourself like your health depends on it.

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