June 26, 2013

Lotus Leaf Shown to Lower Blood Glucose


lotus_leafCan the lotus leaf help reduce blood glucose levels and decrease fats in the blood? A study published in Nutrition Research and Practice investigated the effects of lotus leaf in an animal model of diabetes.

The after meal blood glucose was measured, after the consumption of starch solution. The same animal was given 1% lotus leaf extract after an overnight fast and after meal blood glucose levels were measured. This continued for 1 week.

After the 1 week period, the animals (rats) were “sacrificed” and the analysis began. Researchers noticed that the lotus leaf extract significantly lowered blood glucose and HbA1c, compared with those in the control group.

Although the study was conducted in animals that met their demise for the sake of science, these little magnanimous mice may have given us insight to a new use of the lotus leaf.

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