February 27, 2014

Making a Wish in the Fountain


fountainHave you ever tossed a coin in a fountain and wished for something? Plenty of us have and it turns-out that the total sum of wishes made in Mall of America fountains will be used for the JDRFWishing upon a star is pretty powerful but making a tangible wish with a coin in a fountain is money in the bank, literally.

The Mall of America in located in Bloomington, Minnesota. The coins from three different fountains are being gathered and donated to the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, taking place inside the Mall of America.

Obviously the Mall of America has banked coins from all over the world. Crews are sifting through the coins to ensure the correct currency and cleanliness can be gathered for the donation.

For the first time since 1992, the coins have been gathered for JDRF  donation from the fountains inside the Nickelodeon Universe. All in all, the total amount is undetermined, but the total weight of the coins is 3,200 pounds. One pound of coins equals about $5. So the JDRF is looking at a total donation of $16,000.

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