September 10, 2012

Making Fantasy Football your Diabetes Reality


What do Tim Tebow, Tony Romo and diabetes have in common? It all comes together in the world of Mike Golic, the co-host of ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning. Mike Golic is a former defensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles¬† and Type 2 diabetic.

In order to assimilate Type 2 diabetes into his everyday routine, Mike found it easier to incorporate hard work and a game plan to achieve results. After all – this worked for him, time and time again, throughout his football career. He’s teamed up with Merck to enhance the Blood Sugar Basics program with a strategy of his own.

“The Game Plan is a four-step approach to getting you toward your goal line with Type 2 diabetes. If you are a super fan this is the program for you. The steps include:¬† the huddle, the nutrition zone, get into the game, and check the scoreboard. Each step embodies what needs to be done to keep you on top of your game: setting goals, nutrition, exercise, and assessing progress.

You may not have played ball under the Friday Night Lights or won a Heisman Trophy but that does not disqualify you from getting coached by a team of qualified professionals and recruiting a few home team members for your defensive line, like Mike gets from his phenomenal son.

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