December 7, 2012

Matthew McConaughey in an Exercise of Discipline


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could justify a picture of Matthew McConaughey on The Diabetes Resource. I must be dreaming.

Matthew McConaughey fears he could provoke diabetes when his work comes to an end on the movie  Dallas Buyers Club. The interview with Larry King explains the plot of the movie and why McConaughey is looking sickly. He’s getting ready for an upcoming role portraying a man with AIDS, Ron Woodroof.

Ron Woodroof is a heterosexual male who is HIV positive  and lives in Dallas, TX circa 1987. At that time,  the only FDA-approved treatment for AIDS was ADT. Unfortunately the side effects of the only drug available to Woodroof were unbearable. He decided to pursue homeopathic treatments for HIV.

Lo and behold, Woodroof’s homeopathic protocol successfully treated his HIV while extending his life 7 years beyond what the doctors predicted. His anecdotal success compelled him to sell the homeopathic HIV medications on the black market. This is why McConaughey was willing to sacrifice his body to tell the story of Ron Woodroof.

Although preparing for this role was a labor of love, the real work comes in carefully replenishing the 38 pounds he lost before he began filming.  The fear of diabetes is a concern because he knows that if he haphazardly approaches regaining the weight he will invariably shock his body.

How did McConaughey encourage the dramatic weight loss? He told The Daily Best it was “an exercise in discipline”.  He describes the experience as much a spiritual journey as it is a physical. Understanding the anatomy and how it works to manipulate your body to lose weight in a healthy manner takes the tenacity of an impassioned artist.

You, Matthew McConaughey, are without a doubt the epitome of an impassioned artist!

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