November 15, 2011

Men and Women Differ in Perspective on Diabetes Impact


According to a survey conducted by WebMD, commissioned by Rite Aid, men and women consider the impact  of diabetes on their life quite differently. I’m not judging but something tells me that this isn’t just a diabetes issue.

For example – 50% of women with Type 2 diabetes surveyed said that they feel overwhelmed when it comes to living with diabetes while 31% of men are overwhelmed. The same people surveyed, when asked if they feel in control of their diabetes, 53% of women and 68% of men feel they are in control of their diabetes. So when it comes to the emotional issues, anxiety threshold and control, 1 point for the men.

Now for the lifestyle questions: How well do you maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors? The women reported they were less likely to maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors where 36% of them say they exercise 30 minutes or more daily while 47% of men say they get in 30 minutes of exercise per day. Sweet and salty snacks, you ask? Of the women, 45% say they avoid the treats while 56% of men say they shun the temptation. Team men – again.

Here’s where we get ahead ladies! Women, between the ages of 45 and 64, are enthusiastic about receiving tools that can help them better manage diabetes like diabetic-friendly recipes and tips for eating right, email newsletters, savings on diabetes-related products, and videos and articles about diet, exercise and symptoms. All these resources are now provided through Rite Aid’s new wellness+ for diabetes.

 Kind of like asking for directions, right ladies? If we’re lost – makes sense. Here’s where Ride Aid has made it possible for people, men and women, to get guidance in the world of diabetes.

Here’s the shameless plug for Rite Aid and the contribution of wellness+ for diabetes featuring full-access to WebMD’s “Diabetes head2toe” online lifestyle management tools. This includes a Personal Diabetes Work Plan – customized for each individual member – with a daily glucose tracker, a weekly workout log, recipes and meal planning tips and monthly lifestyle summary reports. WebMD’s Diabetes head2toe also provides comprehensive health and wellness information about living with diabetes as well as stories of people who live healthy, balanced lives with diabetes.