January 23, 2013

MONA LISA Survey: Does fatter mean stupider?


mona_lisaArguably the  greatest portrait of all time, the Mona Lisa has been studied by experts worldwide.

Between 2005 and 2007, researchers conducted a survey collecting data from 1,172 people between the ages of 35–64 years, without diabetes.

The objective was to determine the relationship between markers of insulin resistance and  cognitive performances in a middle-aged people who had markers of insulin resistance but did not have diabetes.

Markers of insulin resistance are: fasting insulin and homeostasis model assessment. Markers of obesity are BMI, waist circumference, and body fat. The HbA1c range was verified to be non-diabetic, but the levels were collected to compare with other study participants. Cognitive performance was tested based on memory, attention, and processing speed.

Participants who had high markers of obesity were associated with poor cognitive performance in tests evaluating processing speed. Poor cognitive performance is associated with obesity and elevated blood glucose in healthy middle-aged people. This isn’t a good look for the top of the bell curve in the population.

The mystery of the Mona Lisa’s smile is what makes the painting so engaging. The reality of the numbers is what makes the MONA LISA survey so alarming. The realism of these results is a revolutionary marker to motivate healthy people to aspire for picture perfect health.

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