May 6, 2013

Neuropad for Early Detection of Diabetic Foot Problems


sweatA diagnostic test for early detection of diabetic neuropathy has been discussed in the current issue of Diabetic Medicine. The name of this non-invasive diagnostic and prevention tool is Neuropad.

Early detection is key to the prevention of diabetes foot complications. The Neuropad analyzes sweet from the foot to establish the current health of the peripheral nervous system in the foot.The Neuropad  will change from blue to pink at 10 minutes.

The benefits of the Neuropad include: high sensitivity to peripheral diabetes neuropathy detection, detects  small changes in the skin surface, it’s a non-invasive test, easy to use and economical, enhances patient compliance and self-awareness of foot health.

The mission of TRIGOcare International GmbH is to develop preventative solutions for people with diabetes. If a simple, small patch worn on your foot could help deter or defray the multitude of diabetic foot complications that could result in amputation, what have you got to lose?

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