October 3, 2013

New Laser for Diabetic Eye Complication


Woman's eyeA new laser is helping to prevent blindness for some patients with advanced diabetic retinopathy. The exciting eye treatment is reported on UNMC.com  news.

Proliferativre diabetic retinopathy or PDR is an advanced stage of diabetic reinopathy. A person with diabetes can grow new blood vessels in the eye but they are fragile. These new cells can leak, cloud vision, and destroy visual acuity.

As a first line defense, doctors have used laser treatments for decades. Although this is a treatment to prevent blindness, if does cause some damage to the eye. This new laser may be a much safer treatment to protect and prevent blindness in diabetes.

“This new laser with yellow light is currently the only one of its caliber in the U.S.” On July 22, the first patient received treatment from the laser for proliferative diabetic retinopathy, the most severe stage of eye disease caused by diabetes.

The lasers that have been used for years are limited in the number of patterns and pulsing they can accommodate, whereas the new laser allows for more  problem-specific targeting. This cutting-edge laser is more effective, efficient and may be safer than traditional lasers.

With micropulse application capability, it also can be combined with other therapies to treat diabetic macular edema, the most common cause of moderate vision loss for diabetes patients.

At first glance, no pun intended, if this laser treatment is as good as they say it is, you won’t be needing to travel to Nebraska for vision-saving laser therapy. This will be the next thing appearing your local retinal specialists office.

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