November 4, 2013

Nitrite Foods Improve Insulin Signaling


nitritesThe quest for improved insulin signaling is a never-ending story if you have T2D. The research published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine may help you discover the path of least resistance in the Hunt for Red October.

The story of T2D begins with the efficacy of insulin. Either the insulin is triggering a derangement in metabolism or the body harbors elevated levels of glucose in the blood or a combination of the two. Either way, the root of this problem is the hormone driving it all, insulin.

Research has shown that T2D is associated with an impaired nitric oxide (NO) pathway that likely serves as the key link between metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease.

This study demonstrated that the loss of an important element in the body can disrupt the  signaling required for the activation of a major player in insulin, GLUT4. GLUT4 is a protein that regulates insulin.

Foods that contain nitrite may repair the interruption in this pathway. After a 4 week study where mice were treated with sodium nitrite, researchers found that this treatment helped stimulate GLUT4 back to compliance with insulin signaling.

Surely people are not about to show-up at their local hospitals asking for a sodium nitrate transfusion but the good news is that eHow did the heavy lifting and put together a few foods to build your onboard nitrates to stimulate your GLUT4.

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