February 25, 2014

Parents Charged in Death of Diabetic Son


200249331-001It’s  an atrocious headline and the story that follows doesn’t make it any better. In fact, it’s devastating for any parent to live with a child who is diagnosed with diabetes. It’s horrendous if your child dies, and diabetes is somewhere to blame on his “murder”. 

First-degree murder of their 15-year old son with T1D is quite alarming. Rodica and Emil Marian Radita of Calgary were charged with the death of their son. How it became muder is still unclear.

The son, Alexandru Radita, died of a bacterial infection stemming from neglect and starvation resulting from T1D. The prior year of HbA1c results would be incriminating evidence, especially if Alexandru doesn’t have any lab work.

This is even more tragic if it’s true but the police allege his parents didn’t provide him with proper medical treatment and, when his health declined and confined him to his room. This sound like a horror story.

Both parents have been advised on the charges brought against them and will appear in court to begin defending themselves on March 13. They will remain jailed until the hearing.

This doesn’t look good for the parents especially since the son was found dead last May. Alexandru’s parents didn’t call the paramedics until they were urged to do so, by friends. When officers arrived at the home, Alexandru was dead.

Officers wouldn’t provide details of his condition when he was discovered, but described it as “extreme.”

Police said Alexandru had been diagnosed with diabetes several years earlier. Alexandru was being home-schooled and the family had little interaction with the community.

Stories like this are hard to read. What’s even harder to do is relay an unbased message of the event. A 15-year old son, home schooled with little interaction with the community was found dead in his room of starvation and a bacterial infection.

I have no words and at the time of Alexandru’s death, neither did the police. However, the officials did described his condition as “extreme”.

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