August 8, 2013

Ramping Your AMPK for Glucose Metabolism


bio-clockStudies have shown that our sleep patterns can impair our glucose metabolism. This can lead to metabolic syndrome and T2D. Experimental & Molecular Medicine has published a study showing that there may be a key protein in the body to unlock this vicious cycle.

Circadian rhythms are regulated by circadian clocks. These are biological cues that ┬ácontrol behavioral, physiological and biochemical processes throughout our day. Obviously, if your body thinks you’re sleeping, the need for calories is off-duty and so is our need for the body protein that promotes glucose metabolism.

The circadian clock is regulated by positive and negative impulses. Circadian regulation of metabolism is made possible through signaling between the clock and metabolism. This may be one reason why lack of sleep impairs the metabolic functioning of healthy people.

One factor that plays a role in the circadian clock is AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). AMPK regulates the negative feedback control of the circadian clock.

How can we call upon the magical AMPK? It turns out that exercise and training can stimulate AMPK because the skeletal muscle needs increased blood supply, oxygen, and nutrients in time of higher caloric demand.

AMP energy drink has the right idea. Although consuming 142 milligrams of caffeine in this 16 ounce drink after 4pm might keep you up all night — AMP has 3/4 of the right idea to regulate your circadian clock.

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