June 13, 2013

Red Orange May Protect Against Oxidative Damages


red-orangeDiabetes is on the rise and oxidative stress is rising with it. Antioxidants are an imperative  line of defense in the battle with oxidative stress. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity published a study that finds a diet rich in red oranges might provide protection against oxidative stress and could be more effective than antioxidant supplementation.

The red orange, also known as the blood orangeis a sweet orange found in southern Italy, California, and Spain. This fruit offers health benefits such as anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and cardiovascular protection activities.

How does this sweet, juicy fruit do its magic? The juice works hand-in-hand with many antioxidants that counteract the oxidative stress that causes harm to the body. Some of the obvious maladies are atherosclerosis, diabetes, and cancer.

The supply of natural antioxidant compounds through a balanced diet, rich in blood oranges, may transcend the health benefits of a daily pill. Eat your heart out, pills! Mother Nature has you beat by a mile.

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