January 1, 2013

Re$olution to Save in 2013


resolutionIt’s officially 2013 and the time is now to start implementing those well intended resolutions. Mine is to humanize the diabetes experience. It’ll make more sense in a few weeks. If yours is to save money now – Kroger is your BFF.

The cost of diabetes supplies can be obscene. That’s not an over exaggeration. On the average, test strips cost upwards of $1 per strip. Not at Kroger Pharmacies.

Starting now the cost of Kroger Pharmacies store brand is $4 per month. For example, if an insured patient is paying a $40 co-pay for 200 strips each month, the Kroger Premium $4 co-pay program will continue to provide that customer with 200 strips and offer a savings of $36 a month.

In November 2012 Kroger announced a merger with Axium Pharmacy. The move was a strategic effort to gain access to the specialty pharmacy market. Axium is one of the nation’s largest independent providers of specialty pharmacy services.

Without seeming opportunistic, Kroger Pharmacy decided to offer the discounted glucose monitoring strips indefinitely. The New Year’s resolution of the company must be to help you attain yours whether it be good health or healthy wealth. Happy New Year!

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