August 6, 2013

Retina Vessels Change before Retinopathy Appears


created by TOPCON TRC-NW200The journal of Current Eye Research has published a study finding that the circulation in the retina is compromised before diabetic retinopathy appears.

In a previous study, microvascular changes in the retina of people with diabetes were observed, even without signs of diabetic retinopathy. This study took these findings a step further to the relationship between retinal fractal dimensions (Dfs) and retinal circulation.

The fractal dimensions of the retinal vasculature is a global measure of its branching pattern complexity. In 108 people with T2D, the retinal vessel diameter (D) and blood velocity (V) were measured to calculate the retinal blood flow (RBF).

The retinal fractal dimensions were measured using photographs inside the eye.

After evaluating the diameter, blood velocity, and retinal blood flow, there was no significant association between the vessel diameter and retinal circulation.

There was no significant association found between the retinal fractal dimensions and the vessel diameter.

However, the findings of study did deduce that retinal fractal dimensions might be associated with changes in the retinal circulation in T2D.

Circulation has a strong role in T2D complications. Whether you’re looking at the heart, brain, kidneys, nerves, or the eyes – all these parts need healthy circulation to keep them working well. If the blood flow to the source weakens, so will the body part.

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