December 31, 2012

Riva Greenberg’s 10 Diabetes Advances in 2012


riva-greenbergRiva Greenberg needs no introduction to those who seek to live an exceptional life, not despite diabetes but because of it. If you have yet to reach the summit of diabetes enlightenment, allow me to introduce Riva Greenberg. She is an author, a speaker, and a person living with Type 1 diabetes for 40 years.

Riva wrote an article for the Huffington Post aboutĀ 10 Diabetes Advances in 2012. The list is comprised of remarkable gadgets, drugs, discoveries, and tools for people concerned with diabetes.

Briefly to run-down the noteworthy gadgets, there is mention of Tandem’s t-slim pump, Dexcom’s G4 CGM, iBGStar glucose monitor, the smaller Omnipod, and the SENSUS device for diabetic neuropathy . That’s a sweep of half the list for gadgets improving life with diabetes.

Now let’s touch on a drug for the treatment of diabetic macular edema. Lucentis received the green-light from the FDA. Thankfully Genentech must’ve updated their labeling to indicate the safety warnings to satisfy the masses. Note: the drug can have systemic side effects. The label warning indicates that people with diabetes are at a greater risk for vascular complications, highlighting the importance of systemic safety when considering treatment.

The studies that got people talking were informative and interesting. One study shows that backlit tablets improve reading of people with impaired vision. Another study shows that treating prediabetes deters the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Although the original link is a subscription link, a doctor shares her testimony of her patient’s success. Finally, an MRI brain scan proves that empathy helps manage pain.

Last but not least is the inception of a groundbreaking concept in diabetes research – including the patients in the “circle of trust”. This novel approach is courtesy of T1D Exchange. TheĀ  mission is to improve outcomes of people touched by Type 1 diabetes by accelerating the discovery of new approaches to research and development. It connects the disparate stakeholders in the type 1 diabetes community by combining the critical components of traditional clinical research with the expanding fields of health information technology and social networking.

If these 10 advances in 2012 are any indication of what’s to come in 2013 – we’re in for a banner year. Have a safe, happy, and healthy 2013!

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