September 6, 2013

Smoking Counteracts Exercise in Diabetes


smoke-outGood news! Exercise can improve endothelial function in people with diabetes. The bad news is that smoking can counteract the benefits reaped from exercise, according  to a new study published in Japanese Clinical Medicine.

The fact is exercise can improve endothelial function in people with diabetes. This study shows the favorable effect of exercise training on endothelial function in patients with diabetes is counteracted by cigarette smoking.

Endothelial cells have direct contact with blood. The participants in this study were evaluated to see if there is a difference in the effect of exercise on endothelial function in smokers and non-smokers with T2D.

During a 3-month controlled trial in 27 never-smoking and 17 smoking people with T2D, everybody participated in a home-based walking program.

The ABI, or ankle-brachial pressure index, is an index of endothelial function. It was assessed at baseline and after 3 months. The percentage decrease in post-exercise ABI is a good indicator of the endothelial function n the participants.

Compared to the smoking group, the never-smoking group showed a more significant improvement in post exercise ABI during the 3 months of home-based training.

Obviously smoking isn’t a healthy choice for anybody. Apparently the  negative effects of smoking are catalyzed if you have T2D. Knowing that circulation is a big deal in T2D and smoking hinders circulation, why play with fire in your mouth??

It’s a good thing Jay Cutler isn’t really a smoker. It’s an even better thing that he doesn’t have T2D. It’s a bad thing he has T1D. But the featured image is Photoshoped and fabricated by the Smokin’  Jay Cutler site.

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