September 10, 2013

Some Fruits Lower T2D Risk


fruitsIt’s not too often that research of such integrity and value catches my attention but the British Medical Journal did it. Three fruits have been crowned to help lower the risk of T2D.

For years, it’s been a hot topic of debate in dietary forums. Is fruit in your diet a healthy treat or a sabotaging cheat? Turns-out a few fruits are better than others.

Grapes, apples, and blueberries are considered to be among the best diabetes risk lowering fruits to indulge. People  who ate fruit at least 3 times a week had a 2% lower risk of developing T2D  compared with those who ate less fruit.

Those who ate 3 servings a week of blueberries had more than a 25% lower risk, while grapes were associated with an 11% reduced risk and apples with a 5% lower risk.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Don’t obey your thirst. Drinking fruit juice, on the other hand, slightly raised a person’s risk of developing T2D

Grapes and berries hit high on lowering T2D risk because they’re packed with antioxidants. Apples are delicious and they’re high in fiber. It makes sense that a fruit like cantaloupe may have increased the risk of T2D because it’s not a good source of antioxidants or fiber.

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