August 30, 2013

Starfish Anti-inflammatory Properties


starfishThe marvel of a starfish goes beyond the power to regenerate a limb. Apparently it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, as noted in a study published in Marine Drugs.

Inflammation plays a key role in inflammatory diseases like diabetes. In this study, anti-inflammatory extracts from the starfish were analyzed on pro-inflammatory markers in the body. These markers include cytokines, TNF alpha, and stimulated bone marrow.

The starfish has potent inhibitory effects on the production of all three pro-inflammatory markers. For a sea creature that’s bloodless and brainless, it certainly has the antidote for mitigating ¬†blood-borne and brainless stress in our terrestrial existence.

Regenerative medicine may be the wave of the future. Let’s hope this wave takes a good look at the importance of starfish. They may have more to offer than a mysterious ornamental role on the floor of a fish tank.

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