April 22, 2013

Study Shows Oral Insulin Balances the Tightrope of T1D


oral-insulin_T1DWalking the tightrope of T1D is shaky ground. A recent study published in PLoS One shows that Oramed Pharmaceuticals may have a pole to offer for leverage in the unstable trek with T1D.

The purpose of this study was to assess the potential of adjunct therapy of oral insulin capsules with injected insulin to enhance the stability of T1D control and reduce the frequency of hypoglycemia episodes.

One of the benefits oral insulin may offer T1D is restoring liver glycogen stores and increasing portal insulin levels. This shift in insulin to glycogen while evading the incidence of hyooglycemia is a tremendous safeguard in T1D.

A baseline HbA1c was measured over 5 days, averaging 7.5% among the T1D participants. Over the next 10 days, T1D patients were given oral insulin capsules 3 times a day, in combination with the insulin injections, around meal time.

The overall results of bG readings while being treated with oral insulin in combination with injected insulin was a significant decrease in the number of readings above 200 mg/dL. In addition, bG values throughout the day were more controlled specifically in the evening.

If tight control of glucose levels demands exact insulin dosing, it may be worthwhile adding oral insulin as a safety net to life with diabetes. As with anything that requires a margin of protection, diabetes needs a safety net.

The details of this trial are available on Clinicaltrials.gov titled “Effectiveness of Oral Insulin in Unstable Type 1 Diabetes Patients”. If the results of this trial show to add stability to T1D control by taking a pill – would you do it?

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