December 20, 2011

Support for the Monday morning QB in Type 1 diabetes


Since the discovery of insulin, the main treatment for type 1 diabetes has been a replacement for what’s missing. However if Teva Pharmaceuticals has success – a true treatment for type 1 diabetes may be on the horizon.

Type 1 diabetes is the result of an autoimmune attack on the insulin producing cells. Recent research confirmed that most cases of type 1 diabetes are the culmination of years of the autoimmune attack resulting in 90% destruction of the beta cells before symptoms present for a diagnosis. Slowing or arresting the autoimmune attack may be an intuitive way to  treat type 1 diabetes before the 90% devastation.

DiaPep277 modulates the immune system to prevent the destruction of insulin-secreting cells. In addition to this – last month a study showed that the drug aided in the  control of glucose levels in the blood.

Insulin is an afterthought replacement. DiaPep277, if it succeeds, would be a significant advancement in the proactive treatment in the amelioration of the attack causing type 1 diabetes.  Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, and Sanofi-aventis have provided replenishment to those of us with type 1 diabetes – a Monday morning quarterback, if you will. The problem is we don’t have insulin. The solution would be to stop the unnecessary roughness causing the problem. Teva Pharmaceuticals is not trying to be part of the problem DiaPep277 may be the solution.

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