November 8, 2012

Surfing the Web Enhances Doctor-Patient Relationship


For those of you who may think Doctor Google is your best asset to understanding your health condition, you may be right. A study has shown that patients who  browse the Internet for information on their health condition, and discuss their findings with their doctor, were well received. Why?

Professor Roger Jones is an editor of the British Journal of General Practice.  He commented on the research, “It is very encouraging to see patients taking an interest in their health and the internet can be a useful means of finding out more about health concerns. It would be wrong to disregard the efforts patients are making to do this, but GPs will also advise caution because there are a lot of dubious sites providing information that is not based on evidence, which can be quite misleading when taken out of context.”

Patients felt as though their doctors were more inclined to discuss their findings. This made patients feel that their doctor-patient relationship was stronger with their healthcare provider. Patients regarded the advice from their medical professional above that of the information gathered from the Internet. The positive experience from the exchange influenced the patient in favor of their doctor.

The study explains that the positive experiences reported by the patients were: the doctor listening, the doctor addressing their concerns, and the doctor giving his or her professional opinion and support. This is communication at its best.

In the wise words of Paul J. Meyer “communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” If your personal success is diabetes control and your doctor’s career success is your diabetes control then open the lines of communication with harvesting the fruits of Google!

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