January 29, 2013

T1D Adolescents Miss Target Range for bG


miss-targetIs the current generation of teens missing the American Diabetes Association target range for “well-controlled” T1D? The study published in Diabetes Care asks the question and gets the answer, like it or not.

The study evaluated criteria submitted by over 13,000 participants in the T1D Exchange. All participants had T1D for at least 1 year and were younger than 20 years old.

First the good news: most participants in the study were on-target for their cholesterol and blood pressure. This is absolutely wonderful for their heart health. It’s a good sign that the engine is burning clean.

The target range for under 6 years old is less than 8.5%. The target range for 6 – 13 years old is less than 8.0%. The target range for 13 – younger than 20 years old is less than 7.5%.

The bad news is that their blood glucose targets were higher than the target range.

The moral of the story is good. The fact that over 13,000 people, under the age of 20, cared enough to be part of T1D Exchange ¬†shows a great deal of initiative. This age group doesn’t pay taxes, many haven’t left for college yet, and they have their whole lives ahead of them.

Let’s hope before April 15, spring break, and biological clocks have significance in their lives, the HbA1c trick will be down pat.

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