May 20, 2013

T1D and Academic Performance


academic_performanceOften times I wonder if T1D has an effect on cognitive performance. As it happens, researchers wondered the same thing, and published a study in the Journal of International Medical Research to examine the effect of T1D on academic performance.

The study recruited students of the same age, ethnicity, and socio-economic status and matched them with nondiabetic control students. All students in the study came from 8 different schools.

All students were given tests in English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and humanities. Students with T1D scored significantly lower than the students without T1D.

This decline in academic performance may be explained by an association between diabetes and cognitive function. Taking this vague association a step further, the brain is fueled by glucose. When your body is dealing with T1D, you are forced to learn a lot more than your classmates.

Life with T1D is like navigating a spaceship with a bicycle. A telling study of T1D cognitive function would be to test the 50-year Medalists and compare them with their non-diabetic peers. How you like me now?

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