April 4, 2013

T2D Speeds Muscle Loss in Aging


musclesA study investigates whether the development of T2D catalyzes the loss in muscle mass, strength, and functional capacity. The study was published in Journal of the American Medical Directors Association  .

The loss of muscle mass with aging reduces muscle strength, impairs functional capacity, and increases the risk of developing chronic metabolic disease.

T2D has the dubious distinction of bathing the cells in glucose and again people faster.  This study measured how much faster T2D accelerates this process compared to someone who doesn’t have T2D

Two groups were compared. The first group was 70 year old men with T2D. The other group was the control of non-diabetic men. Both groups had their muscle mass, strength, functional capacity, and reaction time measured.

The study found that men with T2D did, in fact, how an accelerated decline in leg lean mass, muscle strength, and functional capacity when compared with non-diabetic controls. As a result, researchers found that men with T2D should have individualized programs to target muscle mass, strength, and functional capacity.

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