February 26, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ball Game


metsNary will Type 1 diabetes inhibit this man from his major league dreams. Cory Vaughn continues to up his ranks with the Mets, a New York MLB team. His story is inspiring and needs to be heard by all kids with big dreams and T1D.

The heart of spring training is Port St. Lucie, FL.Cory Vaughn continues to train for the upcoming season. This past World Diabetes Day, Vaughn said, “Having juvenile diabetes does not need to be an obstacle to achievement. ”

“I’m definitely trying to let everyone know, especially the young kids nowadays with Type 1 diabetes, that you can do anything you want to do if you put your mind to it and really take care of yourself and learn to be disciplined with your diabetes. Just because you have this disease doesn’t mean the world is over.”

It’s nice to hear words of encouragement coming from someone who’s made a name for himself. Cory was diagnosed with T1D at age 11. How does he do it all with T1D and a knock-down, drag-out career in baseball? Cory wears an insulin pump, like most of the cool kids do. Unlike the rest of us, he slides and steal bases.

Cory represented the Mets in the Arizona Fall League. Although he was not added to the 40-man roster during the offseason, he did receive an invite to major-league camp.

“For some reason my pump wasn’t working and my blood sugar was going through the roof,” Vaughn recalled about an isolated incident. “So I wasn’t able to play that day. But that’s only happened once, because my pump malfunctioned.

It happens to the best of us, Cory. A dud infusion site can put me down for a count or two, also. I’m not going to lie. It sucks especially when there’s important stuff happening — like a baseball game.

Cory hopes his increasing profile lends itself to speaking more about diabetes. He says, “I would definitely like to venture out and talk to a bunch of young kids and stuff who just got the disease, or who have it and having a hard time with it.”

We need more people like you, Cory. Diabetes can deflate the soaring dreams of any kid who is misled to believe it’s going to stop them from making it. You are the running, hitting, sliding example of yes, you can!

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