November 21, 2011

Take your glucose logs to the Cloud with iglucose


One of the most burdensome things about managing diabetes is the glucose logs. That’s annoying but on-top of that you must tote your logs to your diabetes health care team so they can do their magic. How nice would it be if the FDA cleared a system that automatically logs your numbers, compiles a report, and sends the information to authorized people?

It’s not entirely science fiction. The iglucose communicates glucose readings from leading blood glucose meters to the iglucose diabetes management portal. From there, this important data can be shared automatically with family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals via text message, email or fax. The FDA has given clearance to the mobile technology to revolutionize the way individuals with diabetes manage their condition.

William J. Caragol, Chief Executive Officer of PositiveID said, “This FDA clearance is an important validation of our product offering for PositiveID and we will work diligently to make iglucose available to everyone affected by diabetes in the near future.”

As an anecdotal testament – it’s so nice to have a system that electronically tracks your glucose readings. There always seemed to be something personal about journaling my blood sugars. I never kept a journal for my emotions. I sure didn’t want to keep one for my blood glucose. With the introduction of the iglucose – glucose tracking can be efficient, cost-effective, and interactive.