April 8, 2013

Taking shots at AIM to Prevent Obesity-related Issues


camoflaugeResearchers have shown that AIM is responsible for regulating antibodies that cause obesity-related illness. The study was published in Cell Reports.

Inflammation is the underlying cause of many obesity-related illnesses. AIM is an acronym for antipoptosis inhibitor macrophage. Microphages can cause inflammation. AIM is responsible for which antibodies live and which die in the body.

These researchers have previously shown that the suppression of AIM could prevent obesity-related diabetes and arteriosclerosis. This study shows that AIM could be further responsible for preventing autoimmune disease.

Through shifty maneuvers,  the antibodies that are produced when high-fat foods are consumed avoid being cleared from the body in the urine because they attach to AIM in the blood. When these antibodies hitch a ride on AIM, this is when the body produces autoantibodies that ultimately attack self.

One of the lead researchers has high hopes for AIM in more than one way. “AIM inhibition potentially could be used as a therapy to prevent not only insulin resistance and metabolic disorders but also autoimmunity under obese conditions.”

Essentially, AIM is a safe house for antibodies that ultimately cause harm in the body. If we methodically remove AIM from the biological ecosystem, we may weed out the interlopers that are up to no good.

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